We love our troops.  The men and women who make up our armed forces, sacrifice so much, especially when one is on deployment.  Of course, when they come home, its usually an amazing family reunion.  When Idaho National Guardswoman, Chrystina Binson arrived at Boise Airport this past Thursday, it was a little extra amazing.  Chrystina's boyfriend Shaun was waiting for her, with her family with signs welcoming her back. From the story at idahonews.com, the signs said Welcome Home Chrystina," and when they flipped the signs over it had a special message..., "Will You Marry Me?"

Keep in mind, Chrystina hasn't seen her boyfriend or family for over a year while in places like Kuwait and even the war torn Syria. What did Chrystina say? YES, of course!

Chrystina kind of had an idea a proposal was coming, but had no idea Shaun was going to pop the question when she got off the plane.

Chrystina and Shaun are childhood sweethearts, who met on a camping trip, 10 years ago.

See the reunion and the proposal here

Congrats, Chrystina and Shaun and here's to the future and thank you for your service!


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