We've all experience this exact situation:

You're playing Call of Duty: Warzone. You're down to the final two teams, and you know there's a sniper camped in the building up the hill. You're short on ammo, your two teammates have no armor to speak of, and you're running out of options.

When, all of a sudden, your stupid smart watch buzzes and you have a phone call.

POSSBLE SCAM CALL, the phone says.

Damn it. Just got no-scope head-shotted into oblivion.

We hate these scammers. Like, we hate them. Boise's latest scam is going to have you seething just as much.

The latest scam to show up in Boise is called...the Pig Butchering Scam. Don't worry. It doesn't involve violence, and the only thing getting dissected will be your wallet.

Basically how it works is a stranger online hits you up, and tries to begin a flirty conversation. Once both parties hit it off, talks about cryptocurrency tips begin to pop up, and you probably see where this is going.

Think you're too smart to fall for a simple trick? CityOfBoise.org disagrees:

Typically the victims of this scam are highly educated people with money to invest. Unfortunately, they are often targeted because of some personal difficulty like a recent divorce. Most victims are anywhere from their mid-thirties to their early fifties with the average loss per victim averaging $121,926.

So next time that cutie online comes up out of nowhere asking you about investments, maybe just stick to dating apps.

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