Sick of people and companies moving to Boise? Then you're going to hate this story.

The company in question is Price Pump, and they've been operating out of California for 70 years. They make high-tech pumps (go figure) and their president says it's time for them to relocate to the Gem State:

It has simply become too difficult and too costly to run a manufacturing business in Sonoma Valley. To pick up and move is traumatic, some of our employees have worked here for 45 years. I don’t love change, but the way things are going, we don’t have a choice.

How did they land on Boise as their new home? One of Price Pump's president's business partners is based in Boise, and it seemed like a logical fit for the expanding company. There's room to grow here, business is booming, and the cost to live and operate a business here is significantly cheaper.

Price Pump plans on relocating to Boise as soon as possible.

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