Even though it isn't a "major" political season--with presidential candidates on the ballot--it' still "political season" and there's no hiding from it. Say what you want about the song and dance of it all, at the end of the day, voting is still important and everyone is encouraged to do so--no matter their beliefs or affiliations here in Idaho this fall.

Social media, as usual, is doing what social media does but one story line is really standing out in Idaho this election cycle and it isn't the most "exciting" or "high profile" office that is getting the internet traction.

Meet Tom Arkoosh--the man making local headlines. 

The Idaho Democrat Converting Republicans

It's a story line that you just don't expect to see--Idaho Republicans endorsing a candidate with a (D) behind their name? It's happening and the internet is talking about it. Here's a look at the guy that wants Idaho's Attorney General position to be non-partisan.

It isn't often these days to see Republicans endorsing Democrats-- and vice versa. 

Only in Idaho would something like this make waves--but in a weird way, many Idahoans are excited at the idea of a "middle of the road" candidate, at least that can be said for supporters of Tom Arkoosh.

Tonight on Idaho Public Television and on their YouTube page, you can watch the first debate between the two candidates that are garnering the unlikely internet stir. The debate airs at 8:00 p.m.

Information on Tom Arkoosh can be found HERE.

Information on Raul Labrador can be found HERE.

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