If you're like me, a new year has never meant a whole lot of grandiose change. I'm not one for massive goals or resolutions just because we've entered a new year, however there is a sense of comfort in looking forward to a new set of 12-month with a fresh lens. Last year, I made a personal decision to try and adjust some "bad habits" of mine and thought to myself "maybe this will be the year I partake in a resolution".  With the new year approaching quickly, I decided I wasn't going to wait. One single free app on my iPhone changed everything for me and no--this isn't a paid write-up.

If you're trying to shake a habit or maybe create a new one this year--THIS app has had me on the right track for a grand total of 389 days now-- just over a year.

I have a unique job and in fact most days, it doesn't feel like a job. I get to talk on the radio, experience things that any music lover would kill for, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  One thing about this job, however, is that sometimes my work hours and just all over the place. It's something that nobody really understands unless you're in this business.  My parents think I'm crazy, my family really has no idea what I do other than say a few words between a few songs every afternoon, and as a single guy in my 20's, I've honestly never "dated" anyone that didn't feel threatened by the amount of time that this job can take during my day.

Late nights for me often meant junk food. I wasn't even hungry. I could go a whole entire day of eating clean and healthy and if I left the office or an event at night, I would feel like I needed food. Where else do you get food other than at a fast food restaurant at that time of night?  You guessed it-- I found myself in a really unhealthy habit of stopping by for fast food several nights a week and then going to bed feeling like crap. I wasn't even hungry. Just exhausted and in an awful routine. That's what I wanted to change in 2020. I'm glad to say I did.

I discovered this habit app named "I Am Sober".  It's clearly an app that aims to keep people sober, however, once you download it you can change the "goal" to whatever you want. the app was free and instead of saying I was going to go without alcohol-- I made it "fast food", which I personally decided to classify as anyplace with a drive-thru. The app checks in every day to ask how you did and the goal is to keep a streak alive. Something about breaking a streak is so earth-shattering to me. As it turns out, it worked, and 389 days later I haven't put the kind of junk food served out of fast food windows into my body. I feel amazing.

Trying to stop biting your nails? Trying to hit get your steps in every day? It's all about keeping a streak alive...down to the SECOND...and I can't encourage this free app in the app store enough.

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