This headline doesn't diminish the heartbreak we've felt from all the other countless deaths over the years. I remember extending our morning show for hours to take live calls after Sandy Hook Elementary was attacked. That was beyond heartbreaking.

This isn't to compare one life to another but acknowledge something is happening. We're less than a week that a former student hunted and killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School. Already we're feeling a shift in momentum when it comes to gun legislation.

I wrote a blog on Friday entitled, “The school shooting blog I should have written a long time ago.” In this message was a plea and moreover a question.

Will the next leader please step up!

More importantly, who has the answers to fix the tragic mess our country is in that has contributed to the devastation we’re experiencing now. Mass shootings seem to dominate the press with an all too familiar, national rebuttal.

“Prayers Goes Out to...”

Let me be blunt that we’ll take the prayers, but what’s the solution? Where’s the answer? I think we found it.

There was nothing more powerful than watching high school student, Emma Gonzalez and her classmates speak from the heart with passion, love, and just plain frustration. Emma was on the grounds while a 19-year-old hunted her and her friends down with an AR-15.

You might have seen this video but here it is again and I'll warn you, it's very powerful.

17 kids and teachers fell victim to this man’s twisted wish to cause havoc.

I wrote on my blog that I didn’t have the answers but someone does and it’s my responsibility to scream at the top of my microphone. My goal was to get someone’s attention. I wrote this on Friday and Emma Gonzalez spoke on Saturday. The students have spoken and this time I truly believe something will change. There will be no more hoping it just all goes away. Change isn’t coming, it’s on the doorsteps of the White House. A change will be marching up the Idaho Capitol steps soon. The young adults of THIS generation are calling, "BS".

That is just one voice followed by several classmates. It's going to take more than that but it's a start. People listen. Scott-Dani Pappalardo listened. 19 million views later more people are listening. What's next? Who reading this has an answer?

The most powerful thing about Scott's video is his passion for the AR-15 and the struggle with owning it. I loved his video because he relates to everyone watching from the gun owner to the student. Scott says it's his personal decision and it might not be right for everyone. I applaud Scott just like I do the person in Idaho who owns several. Scott's honesty that his gone off the streets isn't going to fix the problem. It's his answer that matters.

This might not be the answer because there is no answer or one thing. That said, it's oneless. This gun will NEVER harm anybody.


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