When it comes to celebrities "hanging out", there are few places more densely populated with them outside of Calabasas, Hollywood, Los Angeles, or New York.  Here in Idaho--you might spot some stars in Sun Valley or Coeur d'Alene but even if you do, it's a "big deal" and not a super regular occurrence.

If we were to tell you that one of Hollywood's stars was hanging in Boise for about the last week now--would you be surprised? Have you spotted her!? In the music world, he's a big name!

With hit singles like "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "We Belong", and 'Love Is A Battlefield"-- odds are you know exactly who we're talking about: Pat Benatar.

How do we know she has been wandering around the Treasure Valley? Well, we don't.  But we have or assumptions.

We checked social media mentions to see if anyone in Boise has shared that they've seen her...


Yeah, that made us laugh too.

On Tuesday night, Pat Benatar surprised fans at the Albertsons Open--the concert, which is traditionally a surprise act, was heard all across the city. Friends of our radio station said that they could hear the show from their backyards!

We wondered why we weren't surprised to hear Pat Benatar...which the show was supposed to be secret?

Well, we had our lines crossed and recalled that it was actually because Pat Benatar is scheduled to play at the Western Idaho Fair on Wednesday, August 24th!

Obviously Pat has to be running around Boise someplace--why fly home when you could spend a week in beautiful Boise, Idaho?

Has anyone spotted her?

There are a lot of celebrities running around the Treasure Valley and the greater State of Idaho these days..

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