If you didn't know this, Idaho is actually home to a ton of ghost towns. No matter what is implied in the name, it has nothing to do with ghosts, but rather the fact that nobody lives there anymore.  Let's be honest...we ALL know that there are ghosts there, though.

Have you ever made the time to visit one of these places? When I was in high school, some friends and I made our way to Silver City, Idaho. We stayed overnight in a hotel that is only ran seasonally and of course, there is plenty on the internet that says which rooms are allegedly "haunted".  To answer your question, YES--we stayed in the "haunted rooms", yes it was terrifying and yes...I've lived to tell the story. That's for another time.

Little did I know that right here in Idaho, there's a ghost town that is actually UNDER WATER!? It feels like we're talking about The Little Mermaid or something.

I've heard of the town "American Falls" but I had no idea there was an underwater portion that doesn't exist anymore? Strap on some scuba gear to see this Idaho ghost town.

According to some research done by Only In Your State, in 1925 the Bureau of Reclamation actually MOVED the entire city in order to install a dam. They literally lifted and moved churches, homes, buildings, and more.  Most of the moving was done by train tracks. It's not a job that I would have wanted any part in, that's for sure.

The "new" American Falls was finally moved up to higher ground.

Now, when you visit American Falls you will see a body of water--but what lies below is any history buff's dream. Sometimes, water levels drop enough for you to actually see sidewalks and home foundations. While the city was intentionally moved--I refuse to believe there AREN'T any underwater ghosts over there.

There are some pretty great photos compiled that you can see, HERE.

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