What does Boise look for in a gym? Here in Idaho, a lot of people just love being active outdoors or playing their favorite sport.  Many however love to hit a gym and get their blood flowing, prep for the next season's activities, or take a break from the office.

In the Treasure Valley, there are plenty of gym options. A basic run-of-the-mill "center" with dumbbells and treadmills, a boutique spot with flashing neon lights and blaring music, or the well known Crossfit warehouses that are cooled only by construction fans in the summer.

No matter what you prefer in your gym, only one local spot to our knowledge is actually PAYING THEIR MEMBERS. Is anyone else guilty of paying a gym without using the membership? Cash back doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Here's a look at the Boise gym doing things differently 

Inside Boise's Gym Paying Their Members For Showing Up

Who would have thought you could get paid some cash at a gym just for walking through the doors?

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Have you ever checked out Kvell Fitness & Nutrition?

The gym, named 'Kvell' which translates to "happy & proud", encompasses just about everything that a community could seek. Fitness classes are offered daily and with the exception of their personal training sessions, they are all group training sessions. It doesn't matter your fitness level--each movement, exercise, and cycle comes with variations from level 1 to level 3, depending on that persons ability or frankly, how they're feeling that day.

The gym has a "cult-like" following--as the functional training sessions last 45-minutes, offer a great workout, and one of the greatest praises that gym goers sing is that the risk for injury at Kvell is minimal. Everything is functional and open to being modified--no crazy acrobatic movements!

Local owner and founder Brett Denton knows what it takes to be there for the community. It was his community that was there for him & his business during COVID, during which, like most gyms, Kvell was unable to be open for an extensive amount of time. During these crazy times, Brett offered his popular workouts online. Efforts to put his people and his community first since re-opening have not changed.

Known as Kvell's "3D Cash Giveaway"--his customers know that simply showing up to workout could pay them some cash. Each month, the gym draws from its most dedicated, diligent, clients and give them: DOLLARS.  The pot is split, by the way-- along with cash for the client, they get to choose where the other 50% will be distributed: any charity of their choice!

Business models like Brett's are what make Boise and our community so great.

Interested in trying a workout at Kvell in downtown Boise? Learn more, HERE.

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