Some may call it a public service, but this site comes off more as a smear campaign against women in Idaho.

(Warning: Some graphic language and content below)

If you find out you're being cheated on, what do you do? Do you break up? Seek therapy? Talk with a loved one? Or do you put that person's picture up on a website and tell the world how awful they are? In 2018, that's a thing happening daily on the internet.

The site She's A Homewrecker is a place for men scorned to air their grievances about their ex-lovers, along with photos of the woman in question. Some of the things being said about these ladies is downright hateful. Even from the first few posts you'll see language like:

  • "Shameless white trash"
  • "Nasty troll"
  • "Flat chested homely girl"

Cheating is wrong. That's not really up for debate. However, these women are being basically burned at the stake online simply based on one person's testimony. Who's to say some of these posts aren't completely made up simply to try to ruin someone's life? In the era of #MeToo and fake news, it's becoming harder than ever to trust what you read.

If someone you know is featured on She's A Homewrecker, it's this writer's suggestion that you'll probably want to let them know.

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