Bike butt. It's literally the worst thing ever. Luckily, one crafty Idahoan is on a push to cushion your tush.

Jeri Rutherford is just like you. Sick of having a sore back end after a bike ride. What's she doing about it? Making a whole new seat to make your ride much more enjoyable.

Rutherford's company, RideOut Technologies, just released their 'Challenger' seat for mountain bikes. How does it work? Why is it better? Rutherford explains:

When you hit a bump, this seat will actually flex to absorb those bumps...The seat flexes as you land on it. On top of that, with the ergonomic design, it is a truly comfortable seat.

It wasn't easy designing the new 'Challenger' seat, though. It took 250,000 impacts from a massive weight to determine that the seat was ready for production.

It took a long time, several engineers, to figure out how do we make it thick enough (to hold up) and thin enough at the same time, because of that incredible impact that you take when you hit something hard.

You can pick up your very own Challenger seat for $79 here.

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