Well well well. Here we are. It's 2023. Political turmoil is leading to bans, protests, riots, you name it. If a law/rule get changed these days, people get up. It's just the way it is.

We're getting the feeling this is going to be more of the same, because this change is quite literally life or death.

When an inmate is on death row in Idaho, and their time comes, they're put to death by lethal injection. It's not fun to think about, and it's not pretty, but it's what we've got and what numerous states turn to when it comes to the death penalty.

If that sounds too civil for you, that's great! Because Idaho wants to bring back firing squads.

Yes. The state of Idaho, in 2023, wants to be able to line up a bunch of folks with guns and have them blast away and a criminal. There's no way this is a better option than lethal injection, right?

Why? What is Idaho thinking? To be more specific, the rule change (if it passes) would only apply if and when the state isn't able to procure the drugs necessary for lethal injection. In short, if we can't kill 'em with chemicals, we'll do it the old fashioned way: An old-west standoff. Only, one person is handcuffed and definitely doesn't have a gun to shoot back with.

What do you think? Should Idaho criminals have to face a wall of guns if they're convicted of a heinous crime? Let's connect.

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