It's not an easy question to answer, and even if you do get an answer, the odds of it being a concrete one are minimal at best.

How far-right can Idaho possibly go?

For the record, we are going to keep our opinions out of this article, and keep things 100% factual. No fighting, no yelling, we're just presenting a few facts here that you may not be privy to.

Technically, if you'd like to go as far-right in Idaho as possible, then you'd need to visit the lovely town of Darby, Idaho!

While it's technically an "unincorporated community," Darby is a lovely little place to check out. Described as "picturesque and charming place" on their website, Darby originally started as a humble post office back in 1900. These days, it's a tiny little stopping point for folks traveling between Idaho and Wyoming.

That's because just so happens to be about half a mile from the Idaho/Wyoming border!

We kid, we kid. Hopefully you got a quick laugh! If you'd like to chew us out for the terrible joke, please do.


Perhaps you're here because you're from Darby, or maybe visiting from Wyoming. If that's the case, welcome! If you just so happen to be in the Gem State from California, there are a few quick facts we'd like to clue you in on.

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