I had to do a double take when I saw the pictures, because I'm fairly sure we own these at 103.5 KISS FM! 

Image via TSM Boise
Image via TSM Boise

Back in 2014, 103.5 KISS FM celebrated the day we upgraded to 103.5 KISS FM by throwing a giant birthday party for ourselves at Century Link Arena.  We got to jump in the octagon before the Main Event at Front Street Fights 3 to give away a trip to see Justin Timberlake in Sin City, Las Vegas.  A few days before the fights, Keke and I sat in his office trying to figure out the most creative, over the top way to give away the that mega grand prize! As we listen off things that people associated with Vegas we went through slot machines, black jack, craps ...and then it dawned on Keke that somewhere buried deep in a warehouse, in a top secret location, we had this larger than life set of dice.  We decided that the person who rolled the highest number would get to see JT on the strip. Rebecca Lewis was our lucky winner!

I swear there's a reason I took you down this trip on Memory Lane! According to KTVB, a giant die washed up on the shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene a few days ago and at first glance, it does look an awful lot like ours! The man who sent the photos to KTVB's sister station said he and a bunch of other beach goers stopped to check it out.  It turns out the die wasn't soft and squishy like ours.  It was actually a 6' square foot piece of steel that left everyone totally baffled.

By Tuesday afternoon, we finally knew where it came from. (Sorry, Zags fans...it wasn't actually a sign from god that Gonzaga is going to win it all in the NCAA tournament like one popular theory believed.) According to KHQ, the die is actually a tank that washed up at Driftwood Point, Washington the same year we had our birthday party.  A couple got tired of staring at it on their neighbor's beach and decided to make some adhesive vinyl stickers to put on it to make it look like a die. It finally floated away and turned up by Independence Point on Monday.  Since it's discovery, the couple that put the die together named it "Dicey" and created the object's own Facebook page! 

Know any neighbors up north that saw Dicey up close and personal? Send us your pics!

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