Basic girls, your time is now.

After one of the hottest summers on record, it's finally going to cool down in the Treasure Valley. We've grown accustomed to weeks on end topping 90°, but today is the last day we'll hit above 80° for the foreseeable future. Tomorrow we'll hit a high of 72°, and drop down to a high of 66° on Friday.

Does this mean summer is official over? Technically, no. Summer ends for us on September 22nd, but who cares? It's time to bust out our scarves, cute little beanie hats, fingerless gloves, Ugg boots and high wool socks!

As a matter of fact, let's try to set the mood:

If you're just not buying that summer is over, keep in mind there's only 103 until Christmas! In which every single person you know will be asking for one of the 9234320987 new iPhones that were announced this week.

So pour out a pumpkin spice latte as we say goodbye to summer. Basic season is here, and we are so ready.



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