Yes, it's illegal to drive over the speed limit in Idaho.

Yes, it's illegal to run a stop sign in Idaho.

Yes, it's illegal to drive in the wrong direction while singing Nickleback's hit single "Photograph" word-for-word in Idaho.

If it feels like it's illegal to do in a car while driving in the potato state, then it most likely is against the law and should be avoided. Unless you enjoy giving your money away to the popo. Or wherever traffic ticket cash goes to. We don't know.

Anyways. There's one activity that's perfectly legal to do in Idaho while driving, but it's become an old wives' tale that you could face a fine if you're caught doing it.


The action in question? Driving barefoot. You are 100% within your legal writes to operate a motor vehicle barefoot in the state of Idaho.


We're not sure how this rumor started. Would it be illegal to drive barefoot because it's dangerous? Does the bottom of your foot not offer enough traction on the brake pedal? Could the stench be a possible hazard as you're trying to focus on the road? We're just asking questions here.

While it may be legal to put your bare feet on the pedals while driving, we can't say we wholely recommend it. Sometimes you can stub your pinky toe on the gas pedal and it hurts real, real bad. The last thing you want while driving is to sustain a very small and inconvenient injury on your pinky toe.

So, ya know. Wear shoes when you drive.


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