Helping out the community is simply what the Treasure Valley does. It doesn't matter the need, the urgency, or the beneficiary-- people step up in this city in a way that most places WISH to experience.

With thousands of people moving to the Treasure Valley every single day, come a few elements. First, there's a need to sustain a growing city. Then of course, there's the need to employ these folks who need to cover a quickly growing cost of living. How are we supposed to take care of all of this and still have fun?

One employer in Kuna seems to have found a balance.

We've been lucky enough to do a few things with CS Beef Packers over the last year and every single time, they prove to be the most fun bunch of people. When we were invited to check out their "Dunk Tank"--we had to go visit.

No, they didn't talk us into getting in the dunk tank but we did get to witness many supervisors taking a "swim", if you will.  Whether they wanted to, or not. It was all fun and games but the cause was really great-- the Kuna Food Bank. Each ball purchased for the dunk tank saw proceeds go towards the Kuna Food Bank. This isn't the first time that they've gone above and beyond for charity, either. In fact, CS Beef Packers is the Treasure Valley's 6th largest contributor to The United Way, annually!


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