When it comes to amazing restaurants in the Treasure Valley, there is no shortage of options. What make our area so special, i our humble assessment, is that so many of our BEST restaurants are also locally owned and operated. That's a whole lot of love going into the food in our local kitchens.

One taco truck, in particular, is more than just "another taco truck"--and the local folks that run it have been keeping up with the obsession built around their tacos for years now.

Located on 1st Avenue South in Nampa, 'La Garnacha que Apapacha' has developed what is nothing short of a cult following. Soup? Pizza? Tacos? Burritos? They've go them all--with BIRRIA, a very tender and specialized kind of meat that has become very, very popular.

While its fandom has grown used to visiting their bright yellow food truck on 1st Avenue for a long time now--they're packing that truck up and moving. Nowhere nearby, either.

Let's take a look at La Garnacha Que Apapacha! 

Inside Nampa's Most Popular Taco Truck

Nampa has grown used to having one of the area's most popular food trucks parked in the same spot each day. Now, they're moving...let's take a look.

Doesn't this food look amazing!?

If you weren't able to gather from their photos, the popular yellow taco truck is now moving to Boise--a half-hour drive from where it has grown into one of the most popular food destinations in the area.

Owners say that over the next few months, the truck will remain as they work on taking over their new brick and mortar space, once occupied by Mad Mac. Once the move is official, however, fans of their famous birria are going to need to drive to Boise to get their fix.

We're so happy for these folks on the next step in their journey--and talk about an expansion!

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