If you want to buy a house in Idaho, you're probably going to have to sell off a vital organ. Or a child. Or your precious PS5.

Jokes aside, the housing situation in Idaho has a lot of folks hurting in their pocketbooks. Maybe this story can help ease the pain, if only temporarily.

Currently, according to AAA, Idaho has dropped out of the top-ten list for most expensive gasoline in the country, now sitting much more comfortably in 16th place. Idaho's current average price for fuel is $3.52 per gallon, which is only a few cents above the national average.

What's with the sudden change? AAA Idaho spokesperson Matthew Conde elaborates:

We aren’t seeing huge savings when we fill up, but we’ve been spared from some of the dramatic price hikes that are happening around the country. As temperatures warm, rising fuel demand is combining with the high cost of crude oil to put significant upward pressure on gas prices. We’re likely to feel the effects in our state very soon.

That to us sounds like gas prices may not stay this low for very long, but at least we can enjoy some short-lived savings at the pump.

Curious who has the priciest gasoline in Idaho? Surprisingly, it's not Boise. AAA says that Twin Falls, Idaho has the highest fuel prices, currently sitting at $3.61 per gallon.

The cheapest gas in Idaho can be found right now in Lewiston for only $3.38. So if you're looking to save $.10 per gallon on gas, that's your spot.

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