Here in Idaho, there are plenty of great options for breakfast. Whether it's something boujee and worthy of an Instagram post or something simple and "old school"--one this is for sure and that is the need to finish up your Idaho breakfast with something sweet!

Lets take a look at Idaho's best destination for a cinnamon roll, right here in Boise! 

A Look at Idaho's Best Cinnamon Rolls

Idahoans love coffee in the morning and something sweet to go with their breakfast offerings--take a look at Idaho's best stop for a Cinnamon Roll!

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Don't these look amazing!? They taste and smell even better! 

We have searched high and low for the best cinnamon rolls in Idaho for a very long time and it seems that the internet agrees with out consensus-- Chef's Hut is THE BEST!

Have you bee to this tucked away diner? Their Facebook page even says they're Boise's "best kept secret"...hopefully we don't ruin it for the regulars.

We're talking about Chef's Hut Cafe on Franklin Road in Boise--next to Bishop Kelly High School!

Chef's Hut Cafe is locally owned and operated and one of our favorite spots for breakfast in town--they're tucked back into a business park where you're LEAST expecting to find a local's favorite diner. Everything is amazing and this of course includes the staff.

We didn't need to dig around for long to find the hundreds of positive reviews of this Boise gem--it seems "everyone" already knows about it!?

Think you know of a better cinnamon roll in town? Listen--we're open to trying it out. Post up and share your suggestions!

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