It's one of Boise's best annual traditions and while we here at 103.5 KISS FM love ALL of them...there's something special about this one.

Spooky season brings Halloween and Halloween brings out the fun in fall. Whether your an adult that lives for halloween decorations or you've got a child (or children) that are eager to scream TRICK OR TREAT to bring home candy that you will inevitably eat-- it's a great time of year. Don't even get us started on all of the haunted attractions and fun around the Treasure Valley.

While this entire year has been impacted by COVID-19, things are slowly looking up for "fun" to return. Yes, even during this spooky season.

You may recall that we shared with you the heartbreaking news some weeks ago now, that Harrison Boulevard--the STAPLE of Boise trick-or-treating would not be handing out candy this year. An attraction so big, even the city shuts down the road for all of the ghosts and ghouls wandering the street.  This year, the North End Neighborhood Association said that no--this won't be the case.

Out of a wealth of caution surrounding COVID-19 and community spread, the North End Neighborhood Association decided to instead, kick off a halloween tour-- a walk to feature decorations. While it won't be the same...there's a lot to look at.

Come the night of halloween, each house will individually be deciding if they're comfortable passing out candy, however if you're just in it for the decorations, we found a great resource.

A local website that maps the best christmas lights in town has now created a page to feature the best halloween decorations in town. Yes, there are homes all over the Treasure Valley featured!

To see for yourself, click HERE.

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