If there is one thing I've learned during my time at KISS FM and the years working Live For 175 it's that abuse is a prominent issue in our community and comes in all shapes and sizes. For some reason, it's still taboo to discuss. Women, children and even some men live with it every day and will sometimes go through desperate measures to escape it. So desperate, one woman says jumped from a moving vehicle to try and get to safety.

A Heyburn man is charged with felony aggravated battery after a woman said she jumped from a moving car to escape the man as he hit her in the face. The woman said the only way to escape him was to jump from the vehicle. She suffered facial injuries, a broken arm and multiple cuts and scrapes.

The man has a completely different story and maintains his innocence. If true, I commend the woman for doing something extreme to escape her abuser. Hopefully, the media attention this story is receiving will get her the help she needs.

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