Want to support a great cause and check out what's hot on the runway? This is the spot!

This is the fifth year that photographer Samuel Marvin has put on Fashion For A Cause, and this may be the biggest year yet. You can see 30 high school models from around the Treasure Valley show off new styles from local shops, and all the proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho. Why did Samuel choose that cause? He explains on his website:

In 1980 my brother Jared decided at 6 years old (on his birthday actually) to walk 3 miles home on highway 44 to get his soccer ball. Obviously, at 6 years old he snuck out of my mom’s sight and out the door and it wasn’t long before a small cat caught his attention. Jared chased the cat across the highway and was hit by a car. What a birthday present. The one thing that has followed Jared around for the rest of his life is Epilepsy and it has been a very painful and trying experience for not only my brother but my whole family.


Fashion For A Cause takes place on May 22nd at 7:30 p.m. at the Revolution Concert House in Garden City. For tickets and more information, contact Hannah Metzger at 208-901-5784.

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