I don't have to tell you that the air outside is AWFUL. Leave it to 2020 to bring about massive wild fires that encompass the entire West Coast and leave the Inland Northwest smoked out. While in Washington, that may be a more common occurrence, I'm good on the smoke over here! See what I did there?

A Facebook event that seems to be really taking off--garnering thousands of responses--hopes to get this smoke out of here. In fact, they want to send it all of the way to Canada!

On Wednesday, September 16th, the event suggests that we ALL step outside and hurl rocks at this pesky smoke. Of course, we all need to do so facing North, so that the smoke goes that way! Get out of here--smoke!

If you're wondering why Canada is getting the smoke, it's because we're trusting that in true to form fashion, Canada will politely ask the smoke to leave, at which point it will leave on its own.

The event writes:

Y’all know the drill. Throw the rocks, hopefully make it go away. :))
If we all join together as a dedicated community, we can throw enough rocks to make the smoke sad and leave.
Throw your rocks North (towards Canada). Eventually Canada, containing all the smoke, will politely ask the smoke to leave, thus, solving the issue.
Essentially, Americans bullying the smoke, mentally deteriorating it into its weakest point, Canadas part is to deliver the final blow and make the smoke leave for good.

All jokes aside-- this smoke is no joke and thousands are in danger, losing belongings, or risking their lives to fight the fire itself.  The event page does have some links for ways that you can donate or help. See it all, HERE.

Don't throw rocks into your own windshield, a neighbors house, and what not. Actually, you probably shouldn't throw rocks at all. 

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