Remember all of the buzz that surrounded the solar eclipse? People freaking out, small Idaho towns being ransacked by tourists and solar fanatics...just to watch the eclipse with those handy glasses that were on sale everywhere.

Well-- the buzz isn't nearly as big on these moon happenings, however there are three of them happening not only in the same month, or week--but day. The last time even two of these happened in one day was in 1866. Yep, it's definitely been a while.

So here is what is happening: a supermoon, blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse. If you're like me, you probably have no idea what these even are, so find the explanations below.

  • A Supermoon is when the full moon is as close to Earth as it can be, in orbit. So it will look extra large.
  • A blue moon happens every two and a half years and is a technical term for a second full moon in one single month. Unfortunately, it doesn't turn blue.
  • A total lunar eclipse is when the entire moon enters the earths shadow. It will make the moon look red!

So-- ALL of these moon things are happening one single day-- next Wednesday, January 31st!  Don't forget to loop up and check them out!

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