I may be late to the game on this one by a couple of weeks but I was just so impressed with this local business’s efforts to aid frontline health workers at Saint Alphonsus. Going through a recent serious health scare myself and being treated so well by the medical teams at Saint Alphonsus, I’m all for seeing them get any and all of the help that they deserve.

Thrive Nutrition is aiming to assist these heroes by boosting their health and immunity while they work long shifts on the frontlines. It’s no secret that these selfless medical teams are sacrificing their own health and time with their loved ones to join the fight against COVID-19 in the Treasure Valley

Thrive Nutrition wants to help assist you in living your best life ever and these drinks look pretty amazing. I best a lot of us have fallen out of our regular nutritional bond with a local business. For instance, I have one place I get my wheatgrass from, one gym I love, my favorite grocery spot, and the list goes on. What do you do when you can't make it back to Tree City Smoothie by Boise State University? I know, that's real talk!

Thrive Nutrition has created a movement to pay it forward and thank a hero. In the meantime, I'm learning about them so it is accomplishing that. They are making it easy and contactless to contribute. Through Venmo and CashApp along with a couple of other ways, you can easily donate. For every $8 they receive Thrive Nutrition will deliver 1 Clean Energy Immunity Bomb to a healthcare worker on the frontlines, focusing on The St. Alphonsus Respiratory Therapy Department. These Immunity Bombs are filled with antioxidants, aloe, echinacea, zinc, and Vitamin C to help boost immunity.

What a great idea and way to help directly contribute to our local frontline heroes! I've unfortunately spent too much time in the hospital and you watch the medical community work all hours taking care of us. Each little thing we find that puts a smile on someone else's face should be our ultimate great moment of the day. We need them energized and focused.

Thanks to each and every person taking care of us on the front lines. ❤️

  • Thrive Nutrition
  • 5120 West Overland Road
  • Boise, Idaho 83705


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