Have you ever had an idea that sounded good, you visualized it to perfection and then when it happened you were like, awwwwwwwwww sh#t

We had one of these moments a few years ago. There was one of our promotional songs that was produced to highlight our new station app called, "Tap Dat App" This was extremely successful and has contributed to the over 25,000 users we currently hold.

All the success in the world couldn't fix this performance that was planned around the "Tap Dat App" song. Still one of my most memorable moments from BMF! Chris Cruise (previous host) and Mateo (Afternoons on Kiss) decided to do a live performance of this song on stage. The only problem with this idea was the song checking complications. Artists do soundchecks to make sure everything works. Mateo and Chris had no way of playing music to perform. That's a problem yo!

Chris Cruise
Chris Cruise performs Tap Dat App

I told them I wouldn't touch it if you can't hear the music but Chris was committed to doing this song and said they could play the music from another stage. Okay, this is a major problem because there is no way to hear music from the other stage. I know because we've been doing this for years and sound barely travels to the main stage. Nevertheless, Chris was determined and this is how it went.

Sidenote: Stage crew told me not to give my microphone to Chris because we were running behind with Flo Rida and he was ready. I went against my guy because there they stood all peacocked up in those Miami Vice-styled shirts the probably got from H&M. As the performance is rolling I'm sitting in a golf cart backstage with the VP/GM of Townsquare who looks at me after 2 minutes, "Go get them!" I responded with, "You go get them! I'm not going on that stage "

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