I was working on some Throwback Thursday galleries and came across my photos from Huckleberry Jam. I wanted to share some memories including some ideas for Father's Day that might just amaze!

Ben Harper

I'm still getting used to the whole Father's Day thing being a new dad. I lost my dad many years ago and these are just the days I've blocked out. I wouldn't suggest you do the same if you ever encounter tragedy like that, but it's how I've dealt with it. That's where we enter our angel, Lennox.

I'm so proud to be his father and look forward to waking up with him each morning. We took him to Tamarack the first year of a new event called, Huckleberry Jam back in 2015. I was going through photos to post and thought it might be a great idea to share with before Father's Day. You might be able to do these for dad!

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Mountain Biking with a new bike: Buy dad a new bike and take him to Tamarack for some amazing mountain biking. I also just came across a new bike store (new to me) located on Franklin down from Best Buy called, Performance Bicycle. We took advantage of some great sales FYI for our first family bikes. There is always are great friends at Idaho Mountain Touring. Let dad go loose on the trails up in Tamarack and hit that Huckleberry Jam when done.

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Chill, Drink Beer and Disconnect: We're so consumed with a social onslaught of information that all of us get lost sometimes. It's important to forget about the digital portion of our lives and communicate with smiles. Get dad outside and have fun! Go zip lining or take a scenic lift. We live in Idaho! Get outside of your little bubble and enjoy!

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Get dad to the Waterfront Cabana: Sometimes dad just might want to get on a standup paddleboard and get out on the water. Rent him or all of you Kayaks, boats, do some wakeboarding, tubing and more. Get active and force yourselves to forget about laptops and reports. let's see how long before you spill over on that tube! Buy him a laugh-filled weekend and let your problems take another vacation while you enjoy this one.