We survived-- can you believe it!? Just thirteen days ago, the Treasure Valley was hit by a massive rain and wind storm that lasted about 20 minutes. We have rebuilt and I'm proud of us.

In all seriousness, the storm, while quick, was pretty intense. I haven't seen a good rain downpour like that in a very long time. Mikey and I were in the 103.5 KISS FM vehicle delivering donuts that Thursday afternoon when KTVB alerted us that golf-ball sized hail might begin to fall from the sky.  We never saw that hail, but wow did we get stuck running through that rain a time or two.

A user named u/Sssmsb on Reddit posted up some really amazing time-lapse footage from that storm that we all experienced from a high up camera in downtown Boise. You can see the clouds roll in, the rain drop and some streets begin to look like Venice.

Check out the video by clicking HERE or just watch BELOW



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