When KTVB reported the story of a 18-year-old woman being attacked in North Boise this week sent chills down my spine.

The 18-year-old woman was walking home when a man grabbed her from behind, and used a small knife to cut her cheek and chest, police said.

As the father of a two and a half little girl, the safety and security of this city is a big deal to me. When I left for Illinois, I would constantly brag about how you could walk down the streets of Boise at any time of night and feel safe. But, sadly Boise 's population is booming. And with more people, more crime usually happens.

So here are five tips to help keep you safe if you find yourself-walking down the street at night.

1) Be aware: Pay close attention to your surrounding. In the story referenced above, the man came up behind the girl. Always be looking around to spot people or things that might put you in danger.

2) Text somebody you trust: If you find yourself walking down the street in the middle of the night, text a family member or friend and tell them where you are at. Include your route home, the estimated time you'll arrive and if you can, turn on your location or friend finder.

3) Scream, Scream, and Scream: This one may sound like a no-brainer, but I wanted to include it anyways. If someone attacks you, scream loud and, scream long.

4) Try to take a route with street lights or main roads: The reasoning is to be seen. Chances are if a shady person sees you, someone else will too.

Of course, your safety cant be guaranteed so if in doubt, call an UBER or Taxi.

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