We're living through strange and divided times. I hope that a day like today can be a opportunity for all of us to spread a little kindness.

While scrolling through Twitter this morning, I learned that today was National First Responders Day. Wow, do we take these folks for granted until an emergency that we don't expect hits us in the face. From the firefighters who we can call to rescue our homes, belongings, and even WILDLIFE to the police officers that can tackle crime and increase safety-- we thank you here at 103.5 KISS FM.

Especially during a global pandemic, first responders in the medical field deserve a huge thank you, too. Those who are there to save our lives and our health even before COVID.

We aren't the only ones acknowledging those who respond first in crisis and need-- see blow some local and national messages. We especially love the special shoutout to the Nampa Police from a local elementary school.

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