It's that time of year--Christmas time. It's never been a favorite season of mine, if we're being honest. The pressure to gift and the materialistic mentalities that come up this time of year make me really sad--it bothers me. In fact, even Christmas music makes me a little grumpy. It's something I'm working on through finding ways that I can enjoy the time of year. One of these ways is giving. Now-- I'm not saying I'm forking over hundreds of dollars to non-profit's, let's be real. But even just showing a little love to some awesome organizations on social media can be a way of helping out.

This winter, here are three of my favorites:


  • 1

    Interfaith Sanctuary

    This organization in Boise does a ton for hundreds of those in need each year-- winter can be one of their busiest seasons. I love that they welcome everyone of any faith to volunteer or that has a need and they do their best to make a positive impact on the community. Find their website, HERE.

  • 2

    Terry Reilly Health Clinic

    Terry Reilly is a community based health care provider that makes health care in our area affordable for thousands. The clinic does amazing work and during the holidays, money can be stretched a little extra thin. For many, this may mean skipping an appointment for an ache or pain, because of fear of cost. Learn how to give to this clinic, HERE.

  • 3

    St. Vincent De Paul

    I've known about Saint Vincent's since I was a kid--and you may know them best for their food kitchens and thrift stores. They do some great work around the holidays, like no-cost Christmas toy store. Find out more, HERE.

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