It's not very often we see a twister in the state of Idaho, but it happened just outside of Mountain Home yesterday. 

According to an article on KTVB the tornado touched down near Bennett Hill just 14 miles northeast of Mountain Home yesterday afternoon.

The twister wasn't completely unexpected as the National Weather Service had issued a tornado warning earlier in the day after radar imagery showed rotation in the atmosphere. The tornado touched down about 3:40 p.m. and although damage is reported, it was in a rural enough area that no structures were affected.

The twister has not been given an EF rating of 0-5 because the National Weather Service has not completed surveying the damage. That result is expected soon. Surprisingly, Idaho is known to see about 3 to 6 tornados each year, although they almost always get a low EF rating of 0 or 1.

You've got to check out the video below. It was a pretty massive storm and you can see the twister form. Luckily, no one was reportedly injured but it sure was a sight to see!

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