Following a perfectly sunny and gorgeous day in Boise--Idaho did what Idaho does: the weather went crazy! We knew that there was a little rain in the forecast but did we think that it would flood the city? Not even a little bit.

It started in downtown Boise--hail the size of pocket change and thunder that was rattling the ground. The sun was still up as it was going! Here in Boise, we're used to these storms coming and going but something was different this time-- it lasted for hours!

You won't believe how intense some of these photos are!

A Look at Boise's Crazy Rain & Lightning Storm

It didn't matter where you were in the Treasure Valley--this crazy storm hit your neighborhood. Here are some of our favorite user-submitted photos!

From every corner of the Treasure Valley, photos and videos were popping up of lightning strikes, wind damage, and water rushing the streets. At one point, even the connector onto I-84 was closed down because it looked like something out of a movie!

This morning, storm damage was visible and we hope that everyone (and their pets, too) survived the storm safely. While these images can be amazing to look at--often times, the damage comes with a big price tag.

Not long ago, a Boise drone pilot sent up his drone during a much smaller lightening storm and the images were amazing--check those out, below:

Stunning Images From Boise Lightning Storm Captured by Drone

When a lightning storm strikes Boise--your first instinct may not be to send up a drone. This Boise resident did, however--and we're so thankful!


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