The Treasure Valley is no stranger to phenomenal Christmas displays like the Cadger Christmas lights, but do you know how to find them?

A few years ago during my vacation in Ohio, my mom, little sister and I went to check out the only home in my hometown that had a display that played through music you could listen to through your car radio.  Even in my 20s, I was absolutely in awe (and it didn't hurt that one of the songs they did was the Snowmiser song from my favorite Christmas movie of all time, The Year Without a Santa Claus) of what the home owners had put together and the fact that it was free to watch.

But here in the Treasure Valley, we're lucky to have several home owners that put on these incredible displays like The Shannons and The Cadgers (who unfortunately won't be doing a show this year after moving to a new home.)  You've also got an incredible display at Scentsy Commons that includes over 26 miles of Christmas lights and more bulbs than you'll find in the Idaho Botanical Garden's Winter Garden A Glow.  I drove through it on my way home to my Black Friday morning run with some of my friends from Team Run Boise last week and was blown away by how impressive it was!

These are just a few of the awesome displays in the Treasure Valley. There's actually a map that shows you where all the best Christmas displays are, where to find them and which homes are still working on their displays.  It's constantly updated with more displays added daily.

Want to check out the map for yourself? Just click HERE! 

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