It's hit or miss these days when you pull up to a fast-food restaurant. Will they be open or not? Everywhere from Starbucks to Taco Bell have been closing their doors to customers early due to staffing and supply chain shortages. Panera Bread has taken "early" to a new level though.

This past Friday I tried going to the Panera Bread in Meridian for dinner around 5:00 pm. When I pulled up to the drive-through I read a sign saying they closed at 3:00 pm that day - on a Friday! This morning I thought about trying it again but I was totally off guard when I noticed online that the downtown location closed at 9:15 am. What's the point of even opening at that point.

On top of that struggle, the quality of food is inevitably gone down. The week before, (I crave Panera a lot ok?) I ordered a Napa Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich except there was no chicken salad on my sandwich - just tomato and lettuce.

Of course, I can't be mad at anyone for this situation nor can I offer a solution other than finding more people who are willing to work. That's obviously easier said than done. t's just one of those things these days. But Panera baby, you are breaking my heart.

If anything, it's the inconsistency for me. I understand if places have to close early but it would be a little more convenient if customers knew a certain place would be closing every day at noon for example.

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