TOMORROW! Cycle to Break the Cycle Begins
Sadly, it seems that most people have their own story with child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault or at least know someone who does. Keke has spent more than a decade bringing awareness to this and putting it on the air, something I've not seen done like this before.

I Think I Got #KatFished
Sometimes, even the coach can get played. For the first time ever, I think someone either KatFished me or straight played me to get me back for catching guys cheating.

#KatFished: Episode 8- Tieraney vs Chris
Chris has been struggling with self confidence and thinks that he's not good looking enough for Tieraney. So Tieraney wanted to let him know how many girls would be interested in him my making him a Hinge account to show him! But then.. he changed the password and started messaging girls!

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