Starbucks has been in the news as of late due to a Venti-sized racial insensitivity problem. Last week two African American men were arrested for trespassing. Starbucks has a no loitering policy, and since the men were not going to buy anything they were not permitted to use the bathroom. The two men claimed they were just in the restaurant to meet up with a friend. When asked to leave they refused, police were called and arrest were made. Ultimately the two men were released.

The incident has since gone viral and Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has issued a personal apology to the men. Because of this, Starbucks will close all locations on May 29th to conduct "racial-bias" training for employees.

Starbucks will close all its company-owned coffee shops in the U.S. and its corporate offices during the afternoon of May 29  to conduct racial-bias training for employees following the arrest of two African-American men at one of its locations in Philadelphia last week.

As a proud Half-rican American (Half Black/Half White) I honestly think this is tad bit overboard. Starbucks doesn't have a documented history of racial insensitivity. This looks to be an isolated incident that should be dealt with at that specific store in Philly.

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