"But Mateo, you're on the radio, you should know every artist in the history of music ever"

Ok nobody says THAT but there's definitely always this huge expectation that I've heard of every band ever and admittedly, I haven't. Nobody has..and yes, that includes you, social media music hipsters! HA! Jokes aside, each year Treefort Music Festival brings two great things into my life: new music discovery and beer. I caught few random shows this weekend and admittedly spent way too much time inside of Alefort: Treefort's celebration of local brewed beer and cider.

This year they changed things up, organizing beers by type, such as "barrel aged", "hoppy", and "IPA's". They also included some food and on Saturday the influence of Boise's Basque community and market was such an awesome, LOCAL touch! From basque dancers to these amazing salted peppers from the Basque Market--these additions made for a much improved Alefort 2019!

I gathered with some friends and we had an awesome time--I even discovered that SOME brews were made only for Alefort which you have just got to take advantage of, right? Pictured above was BY FAR my favorite drink this year--it was a barrel aged cider that was 11% abv. Yeah, it definitely got the job done. It was fruity and made ONLY for Alefort by local cidery, Meriwether Cider.

If you didn't make it this year, you've got to next year. Check out the video below that showcases the event!

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