There's something about the way the city looks and feels around Treefort time that can't be recreated. It's about embracing Boise and bringing everyone together to celebrate who and what we are. Some moments are clear while others are a little foggy.

Five days, friends. FIVE. That's how many days I spent at Treefort. I have major FOMO (fear of missing out) so when something like this is happening, I am definitely getting the 5-day pass so I can partake in all activities.

One of the first events I attended was at Filmfort watching a feature called "Stronger Shines the Light Inside" which features refugees who have moved to the United States. Following the feature film, there was a panel of refugees who live here in Boise. I've never felt so much pride in where we live and how much I take our freedom for granted. Also, if you took a peek between JUMP and the Simplot building, you would see pages from a magazine article (this project) blown up to completely cover the construction fences with stories of each person featured in the film including where they are from and what life is like.



While one of the first things I did completely rocked me to my core. There was still so much more forting to do. There was Alefort, Treefort Main Stage, the dance battle at the Hideout and about 100 other things to do.

All I really wanted out of life was to make sure Lizzo was in it. This was the show people were looking forward to. Sure, there were a bunch of great bands but Lizzo graced the stage and all eyes were on her. No, seriously, it was so packed that my trying to get to the front was a major fail. Click HERE to listen to her music. "Feeling Good as Hell" is my favorite. Ladies, come ON! Don't you want to just yell this out on a Saturday night getting ready for the club!?



Much of my Treefort experience was spent hanging out with the people I see every single day. Chris Cruise, Mateo and Michelle heart (and, of course, my fiancee). Chris was there for a good part of the day while we hung at Alefort and Mulligans. He took a little break to blow glass (you'll have to ask him about his pimp cup - because, of course he made that) and shooting with his girlfriend. Mateo hosted Thursday night at Varsity Pub in Meridian and then spent all the rest of the time with us then rallying for another day. Michelle closed out the weekend at Alefort with us.

I would love to see your Treefort memories - even if you're spending a good portion of your day trying to figure out what happened when.


See what Mateo thought of his first Treefort experience. Even though we hung out all weekend, he noticed completely different things than I did.

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