Have you ever been driving down I-84 and noticed, as you get away from the main Boise-metro area, TWO speed limits begin to appear? One large sign with a higher speed limit and another with a lower--labeled "trucks"?

New legislation presented by the House Transportation Chairman Joe Palmer (a Republican, from Meridian) wants to see that change--with a unified speed limit.

According to the proposal, Idaho is one of the only states in the country with dual speed limits.

In many places within Idaho, the speed limit for all non-commercial truck vehicles is 80 miles per hour. Palmer said that yes, his bill out allow commercial trucks to then travel at that speed.

Currently, in rural areas, trucks are limited to 70 miles per hour and in urban areas, they are limited to 65 miles per hour.

I can't tell you how many times I've been next to, or in front of a large truck that was clearly going over the speed limit.

Do you think the proposal is a good idea for Idaho?

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