Alright! Alright! You don't feel like cook or something happened and your panicking. It's Thanksgiving and you just realized you suck at cooking and his mom is about to find out.

First, I think that's some real life problems and good luck yo! All that said, what if you're just not feeling the cooking thing this year. What if you're dining alone and need a spot to eat?

All of these situations are real. I remember one year in Alaska I had zero family there. I'm not sure what happened but It was just me on a lonely, snowy Thanksgiving. I specifically remember talking to my boy Don and nobody could find a meal. The city of Anchorage was on lockdown.

Let's fast forward to my move to Boise and there was a year that Christmas was me with a frozen pizza. That's a true story and it's okay. Thank you Stinker for keeping your days open that day. I had a little Snoopy Christmas tree on my table and that was it.

Look, we all have stories but we also need to eat. Thanksgiving is unlike Christmas because this is a day more about family in my opinion. If you're without what do you have?

I don't have all the answers to your introverted ways but I do have options for you. I've listed 5 places you can either order out and dine in for Thanksgiving. You can enjoy a feast at these spots.

Most of these restaurants offer only certain meals off their menu. That said, some have buffets and drink combined. Regardless, these are some of the hottest spots to eat. I know that Whole Food and Albertsons are both offering full meals to pick-up.

  • Owyhee Tavern (pre-fixed menu)
  • Richards at Inn 500 (pre-fixed menu)
  • Trillium Boise
  • Barbacoa (Buffet style and one of the most popular holiday spots)
  • Riverside Hotel (Buffet Style)

You can also check with Crackerbarrel and KFC. I know both have special items for holiday pick-up.

check out my friend's full line-up at where to eat on Thanksgiving

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