The housing market continues to explode in Idaho with no end in sight according to local Real Estate Brokers.

This means everything is going up and this boom could impact your home of choice. The house you really wanted, went from $249,000 to $525,000 in a matter of minutes. What's your compromise though?

The Rexburg Snake House featured on Animal Planet

How about snakes? I was going to purchase a home years ago by Micron and still remember the compromise.

This is a brand new home, close to Lucky Peak quick shot in to Downtown Boise and a few minutes from your work. There is a thing you should know, the house is on top of a snake bed. Meaning, it's like a nesting area for snakes. That a problem?

That was a very quick yes and look at the time conversation. This is a different time and houses are difficult to come by. Would you be will to purchase this Rexburg home that has been on Animal Planet for its name, "The Rexburg Snake House?"

Can you imagine reading in the small details, "Sits atop a hibernation home (hibernacular) for Garter Snakes. See coverage by Animal Planet on youtube, or google for more information." In other words, you're on your own!

There Are Snakes In The Walls

Amber Sessions actually owned the house and told ABC News this, "There were snakes in the walls. We could hear them and then our water tasted like how they smell." That family bought the home, but only because the rumors of the snake were supposedly false. Sessions went on, "One day, we caught 43 snakes in total and that was it. The next morning I almost stepped on one in our house and I had enough, we can't do this anymore. It felt like we were living in Satan's lair." She told the Associated Press who also picked up that story.

The family ended up foreclosing on the home and the price dropped below $100,000 before the bank took ownership. Would you be willing to take up that mortgage in this crazy housing boom?

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