Idaho just topped another Best in America list, and this one is impressive! According to Men's Journal, Idaho is home to two of the best beers nationwide!

Neither are brewed in the Treasure Valley, but they both might be familiar if you've enjoyed local craft beers recently. The winners are Double Vision from Grand Teton Brewing out of Victor, and from Laughing Dog Brewing in Ponderay, The Dogfather.

Together, these two beers were chosen to represent Idaho in Men's Journal's 101 Best Beers in America.

Grand Teton Brewing is best known in the Treasure Valley for their 208 beer. You can find the craft beverage at our local restaurants and grocery stores. Unlike the 208 beer however, which is known for it's light, crisp taste, Double Vision is a dark, German-style lager which Men's Journal likened to liquid-bread.

The magazine had this to say about Double Vision:

"This [beer] was brewed in Victor, Idaho, to honor one of the region’s most prized beer ingredients: water. Harking back to the 17th-century wisdom of monks who depended on strong beers while fasting — and on local ingredients to brew them — Double Vision gets its dark color and bready aroma from Idaho-grown two-row pale and German malts, and its slight spice from American Liberty hops, akin to Germany’s Hallertau Mittelfruh. After it’s brewed, Double Vision spends 10 weeks in a cold slumber (also known as lagering) to create a smooth, slightly boozy brew that’s as drinkable as it is sustaining."

And though not as many words, they still showed enthusiasm for The Dogfather:

"This award-winning imperial stout from Ponderay, Idaho, is brewed with seven different malts, subtle hops, and aged in charred bourbon barrels. Rich, creamy, coffee, and dark fruit flavors combine for full-bodied goodness."

To see the entire list and grab some new ideas for your next cold one, check out the full list of the 101 Best Beers in America from Men's Journal.

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