Will the Mountain West Conference survive the new round of conference realignment? Several published reports indicate that two Mountain West teams are considering bolting for possible greener pastures. We know what you're thinking; it's the usual suspects of Boise State and San Diego State? To quote the great Lee Corso, "not so fast, my friend."

Underdog Dynasty reports that the AAC targets Boise State, San Diego State, Colorado State, and Air Force. Experts agree that Boise State and San Diego State will wait for an offer from the Big 12. An offer from the Big 12 may or may not happen, but staying in the Mountain West makes sense for both schools, at least until the Mountain West contract expires in 2024, says the Mountain West Wire.  

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Colorado State just hired another new coach in hopes of drawing a crowd to their semi-brand new stadium. A move to the AAC gives them a unique position as the only team in the Mountain Time Zone. Throw in that the AAC pays more to its teams than the Mountain West, and you have a compelling case for the Rams to head East.

Has the Mountain West considered that it is now a target of the poaching AAC? The San Diego Union Tribune's excellent article interviewed Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson on the conference's future. He makes the case that if the conference stays put at 12 teams, the Mountain West is now the best conference outside of the Power 5. However, maintaining that status would be difficult if the conference loses any teams. The AAC's TV deal pays double the amount of money that the Mountain West teams receive.  

One inevitable thing is that we can expect more teams to change conferences. The reality is they're not leaving for a more significant challenge but a bigger payout. Welcome to the new world of College Football.

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