I remember listening to taxi drivers and passengers during late night drunken episodes outside my apartment when I was single. You could hear the yelling and screaming from inebriated passengers coming back from downtown.

Uber transportation has pretty much taken over when it comes to your goto service. When was the last time you heard someone saying, "I'll just grab a taxi"

App integration has revolutionized transportation and that also means you can't just be an ass when it's a bad day.

The popular rideshare company is now penalizing its riders for being bad! Does that bother you? I think perception is one thing but how do we know that driver is being legit? Bad tip, you're getting a bad rating! That is just me playing devil's advocate but it makes sense when you see how people treat each other.

Do you treat an Uber driver better than a taxi driver? Is Uber more of a higher class service? It can't be that bad getting graded right? Just be nice and I'm sure you'll be fine. Uber is cracking down on passengers that are rude and uncomfortable to travel with. We don't know the logistics yet but I would really think the next time you take an Uber. The last thing you want is to get banned because you're a &$##@.

Sexual harassment has a lot to do with these newer stipulations to protect the drivers. I'm all for that if it keeps them safe 👏

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