Looks like we finally have a video of the great UFOs we've been talking about for centuries. Don't be a hater because we have proof. Early in the morning, we witnessed this object cross over Idaho into Washington as it burns to pieces.

That's when the Unidentified Object was Identified. So, it's not just on video but we know who came flying through the Gem State right before 3 AM on Friday morning. It was just pieces of our own SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket that didn't deorbit burn correctly. That's what they say.

You never get to really see spaceships flying over as you jump on the Connector for a great afternoon commute to Meridian. It's the joke that when you see it there isn't a video. That's the hard one to argue considering we carry video 24/7 on our phones. Well, that changed Friday.

Stephen Vilke's live on Bainbridge Island where he has a camera looking over the Puget Sound. These are actually 4k capable at night and that's where these images come from. Coeur d'Alene and Moscow had a better chance than anyone in Boise. This is what you missed.

This footage is awesome and rarely do you capture all this. However, it's not E.T. coming back to Earth. This is SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket that had some issues and burnt right in front of our eyes. I haven't seen any photos from CDA or anyone in that area of Idaho yet. I love these videos and it was just a rocket. Nobody occupied the falling rocket.

No aliens yet. Well, there was that one time with Will Smith when he fought on the Fourth of July and flew into space and back. They say it was a movie but looked real to me. You also have Area 51 where they all live, but who's counting. Leave me out of it!

Something else happens I'll keep you in the loop. If it's flying I got you covered.

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