Idaho is a beautiful place--with rolling hills, bustling cities, and some of the best mountain ranges on the entire planet. Take a stroll through downtown Boise and you're sure to be in love with how clean and up to date the city is--with the Idaho State Capitol building standing bolding in the middle of it all.

If you had to name things that aren't so beautiful in Idaho, what comes to mind?

For the second time in at least a month, we've noticed that one Idaho building, located in Idaho Falls, is getting ragged on all of the time for being UGLY.

Let's take a look at what many online consider to be the ugliest building in Idaho! 

A Look at What Many Call Idaho's 'Ugliest' Building

Millions of dollars were spent on the construction of this headquarters yet many still say the place is ugly!

Do you think it's that bad? 

The commentary most recently was rather entertaining:




Ok, we get it--people don't love the place. What actually goes on in there, though?

If you're unfamiliar with Melaleuca, many claim it's a "pyramid scheme" that operates as a mulit-level marketing company. It has been wildly successful over the years (hence the expensive and massive headquarters) and is owned by Idaho's richest man--Frank VanderSloot. The building has it all-- four levels of office space, a fitness center, a restaurant, 1,700 seat event center, broadcast rooms and laboratories.

Next time you're in Idaho Falls, take a drive by (or don't) and let us know what you think.

Why couldn't they have designed the Melaleuca Headquarters to look a little bit more like this amazing place in Boise!? 

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