Tis the season for outdoor concerts, yard work, patios, and...mosquitos. If you've lived in the Treasure Valley for a while, you may already be familiar but if you're new, consider this your warning: these bugs are itchy and ruthless!

If you don't want to end up covered in red bumps that will have you scratching yourself like there's no tomorrow--and smacking yourself like a silly persons when out with friends--you're going to want to listen up.

Along with wearing your repellant and staying away from standing water--here's a look at what you should (or shouldn't) be wearing!

Colors To Avoid & Colors To Wear This Mosquito Season

Are mosquitos annoying enough to have their own season of awareness? Yes--yes they are. Here's a look at colors to wear and others to avoid if you don't want to be covered in itchy red bumps this summer

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Are you going to add green & violet to your wardrobe!? We will be! 

It isn't uncommon here in the Treasure Valley to begin hearing about West Nile Virus in the summertime. Years ago, it was a fear of ours, having that in the area. Now, it's becoming a common occurrence for mosquitos to test positive for the deadly virus--most often in Ada, Canyon, and Gem counties.

Along with various mosquito abatement efforts by local authorities--tips from these experts on keeping mosquitos away are:

  • Empty standing water from flower pots, birdbaths, and fountains around your home.
  • Check your gutters for clogs and watch for standing water in trash and recycling cans
  • Make sure their outdoor faucets aren't leaking water
  • Keep your grass short and trim your shrubs--mosquitos hang in shady areas
  • Use fans during outdoor gatherings--it keeps the air moving and these pesky insects aren't strong flyers.
  • Never overwater your lawn!

Mosquitos aren't the only bugs you should be watching out for in these Idaho streets! 

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