If you were to survey a group of random Boise residents about the best place to grab lunch, you would get a whole lot of different answers. Of course, there are common places you might hear a time or two and perhaps a spot with a great lunch special.

We are almost certain that this "grocery store" that serves amazing lunches over their deli counter wouldn't be everyones first pick.

Until they've tried it.

Let's take a look at the infamous "store" that just so happens to serve an amazing lunch...

Inside Boise's Beloved Deli Lunch Counter

Boise has so many amazing places to grab a bite to each for lunch--but one local deli counter has been serving flavors up that more people should know about.

Have you ever grabbed a bite at the Boise Co-Op!? 

The co-op is a Boise staple, just by its very existence--a local source for natural foods, home goods, supplements and now (if you didn't already know): lunch.

We've been a part of several "foodie groups" among Boise locals for a long time and have recently noticed that everyone's talking about the Co-Op.

We tried it--and it checks out. If you haven't lunched there yet, what are you waiting for?

With all sorts of sandwich options, there's no going wrong. It's the burritos we have to brag about, however. All of the ingredients are fresh and the guac, while extra to add, is handmade from the avocados right there in the co-op.

By the way--the super tasty lunchtime burritos ring up at just under $7 each (we tried the Chico Burrito and it was HUGE--and stuffed with flavor!).

Did we sell you on trying out the Boise Co-Op for Lunch? Here's a look at some other options, too! 

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